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novembre 30e, 2005

08:46 am
okay everyone.... i got a new livejournal username!!!
coment me on it!

its: organizednoise0

have fun!!!
ill be intouch with this journal until everyone starts to use me new one ...so dont worry!!


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novembre 22e, 2005

09:16 am - ehh
yah idk what else to say.....bc im sick of saying sorry, and having people just shove it back in my face...so yah im in word processing...the coolest class in the ocean!

the new hp movie!! THEEE BEST!!! omg, danny radcliffe is theeeee hottest lol yah idk why but he reminds me of phil davey!! lol yay yah.....ttyall lay-tex...im mean lay-ter....on the flip flop flippidy flop yo

yah top caz..(thats me, edger, and seth's gang) yo....if ya wanna join, just leave a comment, and ill tell you how....but if you want to leave, u will get shot !!! yo
im out..peace
[KaTe]...head top cazz

ps. top cazz means top catz
Humeur actuelle: crazysimply....happy
Musique actuelle: none--im in skewel

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novembre 16e, 2005

04:02 pm - uhhh
yah im bored out of my mind right now...i should so be doing my homework, but oh well, ill do it later...(like at the begining of the class) yah this really hot guy was repairing my hot-tub just like 15 mins. ago lol he was hott!! but im bored so .... idk what to do!!!! except, wait...

i dont care about anything right now !!! lol
Humeur actuelle: boredbored
Musique actuelle: stp

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novembre 15e, 2005

03:53 pm
im so bored in winsted.....it the same thing over and over again. it sucks, i want to get out and actually do stuff, and not sit around on my ass like a lazy ass bum !! lol
Humeur actuelle: cheerfulhehehe!!!
Musique actuelle: avenged sevenfold

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novembre 12e, 2005

03:51 pm
well, i like my new bakground, and i got a new one for myspace to lol so its cool! but yah so im at my grammas, and stuff, so is coo is coo....

ur just jealous bc i have a robot and u don't!!!
so go get me a juice box biotch!
Humeur actuelle: anxiousanxious
Musique actuelle: im watching jumanji!!

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novembre 11e, 2005

12:29 pm
o my god......o my fucking god!!!!!!!!!!
Humeur actuelle: confusedconfused
Musique actuelle: bob marley

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novembre 10e, 2005

08:41 pm
im fucking done with it....i cant handle it, i should have known, when i got myself into this, but i went to quickly....and now...its all over.
Humeur actuelle: anxiousanxious
Musique actuelle: fall out boy

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novembre 6e, 2005

09:42 am - here we go again.....
just when i thought everything was fixed, and all better, its not. New drama...again. I hate it, i hate ppl hating me. I just want it all to go away. I guess the best thing to do is to ignore it all and let it fix itself. im just so fucking not pissed, but upset, and betrayed.
Humeur actuelle: aggravatedaggravated
Musique actuelle: the used

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novembre 1er, 2005

09:11 am
he threw it all away, i never knew he would do it and he did, its sux i hate it, he could have been better....
Humeur actuelle: angryangry
Musique actuelle: school....no music

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octobre 31e, 2005

09:01 am
so yah i have really bad mentrual cramps right now lol its halloween, and i m in word processing lol i love nikki !!
Humeur actuelle: crankyick!
Musique actuelle: school sucks

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